by Royd Buchele

Implementation is where the rubber hits the road and the flag drops.  Those that can implement leave all others in the dust.  It is the only true way to gain measurable results because before anything is implemented all is theory, hopes and dreams.

Thousands of good ideas and people with pure talent and genius exist in the world and the halls of universities.  Yet until these ideas are implemented they have no real value.  Pure theory and thought has its place, but earns no real relevance unless it can be implemented finally into something that serves humanity. 

A person who is an implementer has all the breadth and depth of life open to him or her.  An implementer is able to gain exactly what she wants out of life because she resolutely moves toward that end.

Keys to Implementation

Implementation is an in-the-moment reality.   You can begin to implement right here, right now by taking action.  There will always be resistance to getting started and the best actions we can take are usually the ones we most resist.  Go with your first instinct.

For example, many future leaders are appalled by their bosses’ inability to move forward on goals to which they have committed.   These future leaders watch their superiors not move, not take action, not progress, not focus and they feel helpless and complain. “Why are they not taking action on the goals we set?” Yet what is staring them in the face is the key to their success.  The main thing managers and owners desire is for their people to take action and make things happen.  This is because it is hard to implement anything when all your people are standing passively by waiting for the leader to take the initiative.

In businesses, there are always tons of good ideas yet few people who want to take the ball and make them happen. As a leader, are you writing the ideas for implementation down?  Do you have a small pad with you in your back pocket (or something else) to capture these ideas as they come up?  It does not matter if you are the President of the company or on the factory floor, you can take leadership and be an implementer.  Approach your manager and say, “I’d like to take this goal on.”

Many companies are facing tremendous growth opportunities but need people willing to increase their skills and take on more responsibility.  Because the owners are so busy trying to keep up with demand, they have little time to focus on implementing goals.  A future leader can seize this opportunity to pick out one or two goals the owner would like to see accomplished and help make them happen. I urge you to take action on goals that can support the company. Embrace these goals and understand that they are the key to your and the company’s future success.  This is where your future as a leader can shine. 

And here again is a key point, where is the source of power?

Power is gained through action.  The more positive action you take in an organization the more power you have.  Power grows exponentially in waves.  Thus by taking action and helping implement your company’s goals, you are increasing your power within the organization as well as your own personal power.  Will you face obstacles?  Yes!   Will you take some risks?  Yes!  Are you better off than you were before you started?  Yes!

The problem is that most future leaders feel they have to ask permission or worse be asked to implement goals.  They are waiting to be forced to do it or at least be pushed gently.  Ninety Percent of the time this does not happen since deep down inside, the owner or top manager is too shy to ask for help or too beat up to expect more from his people.  The reality is that there are no real obstacles to taking action, save your own lack of resolve to do so.   This country, this company and this world screams out daily for more leaders willing to jump into more action rather than continue their pattern of stagnation and excuses.

Implementation requires us to think two steps ahead.   In order for me to do this, what do I need to do to get it to happen?  What are my action steps?   To implement, we must define our plan and then add two elements: persistence and action.

Persistence and Action

A famous movie director once said, “the key to success is showing up.” 

A successful radio personality commented that his key to success is forcing himself to say what comes to mind, even if he hesitates to say it. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “Accept your genius and say what you think.” 

Action is going forward and doing what needs to be done. 


Action can be a phone call, a short conversation, turning up a machine, writing down an idea.  Most needed actions take only a short period of time. Every moment is the chance to gain the respect and admiration of someone (including yourself) by the actions you take.   Action is following your instinct.  Taking action is paying attention to the ideas that flow through you.  These ideas just come to you, such as calling your spouse or parent and telling them you love them.  To act you must have full faith in the beginning.  An idea in the moment may come to you on how to deal with your present stress and problems – if you ignore it, it is gone – if you take action, it can change your life!  To be in action is to express your true self!

All actions must be earned.  Living in the moment is taking action.  The truth stares you constantly in the eye, can you see it?  As you take action you seem to be moving through a whirlwind of great chaos, a void, this huge amount of energy must be moved through because as you take action you are jumping into the great beyond taking yourself into a new reality.

Our self-image tends to hold us back from taking action.   We spend a lot of our time and energy looking for excuses to our inaction – we search for psychological causes, circumstances beyond our control and people to blame why we never acted.   Within taking action, there will always be fear, doubt, low self-confidence, feeling stupid and dumb, human, uncomfortable and uncertain.  Yet all these feelings are there because you must earn that which you get.  From obstacles, death and challenges comes life.  Actual change involves a choice to live or to die and this is hard since there is a part of us that desires death.   Persistence and action towards the implementation of our goals represents our will to live.

Persistence is facing the paramount moment of success and continuing to take action, not giving up.  Success comes in these paramount moments.  If you take 100 people, 90 of these people will face opportunities for further success in their lives or careers and give up when the first obstacle shows its ugly face.  The other 10% will not give up, but see the obstacle as an opportunity and persist until they gain the prize.  You must have high desire to stick to your dreams.  To gain persistence, keep the action steps in front of you – ideally on your to-do list. If we don’t keep our ideas (so important) in front of our face, who are we to blame?

Action is grandiosity.  There can be too much action.  There can be too much debt and risk.  Most people fear risk more than they desire results so they don’t act.  In risk, there is self-defeatism and bad things do happen but nothing is gained without risk and learning.  Generally it is advisable to do what you are most afraid of.  In taking action, do not do so foolishly, do be calculating, do plan, but understand that there will always be risk in any action you take.

Implementation, persistence and action are not only for business but also for you!  What is your soul (self) screaming for?  What do you really desire to be doing?  Generally it is right in front of you, it is no mystery, more hunting, time for self, what is it?  What things would more fulfill you?

List three things you could do that will be fulfilling for you.




Quotes on Implementation, Persistence and Action

Paul J. Meyer:  “Nothing, absolutely nothing, can ever stop me or deter me from any goal I desire.”

Disraeli:  “I have brought myself, by long meditation, to the conviction that a human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and that nothing can resist a will which will stake even existence upon its fulfillment.”

Buxton: “The longer I live, the more certain I am that the great difference between men, between the feeble and the powerful, the great and the insignificant, is energy – invincible determination…a purpose once fixed, and then death or victory.  That quality will do anything that can be done in the world – and no talents, no circumstances, no opportunities will make a two legged creature a man without it.”

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