Discovering the Prime Buying Motive

Discovering the Prime Buying Motive by Royd Buchele

The prime buying motive is the real reason the client is buying from us.  Many times as salespeople we fail to find the prime buying motive and therefore fail to make the sale. The prime buying motive is the logical and emotional gut level reason the client is willing to buy from you.  In working with clients “our workplace is the clients mind” connected to their heart.  In order for clients to make a decision to buy they must feel that the value of the product far outweigh the costs. There are two areas that determine this value.

  1. The dollar value of making a decision to buy.  This could be in the dollar savings and / or of a higher value benefit your products provide the customer. In some cases you can provide a lower price than your competition. In other cases you can provide more service.  For an example in the insurance industry, the lowest price competitor may be less likely to pay a claim in a timely manner since service is not their strategy.  Your company on the other hand, may be higher priced but provide the extra value of faster and more reliable service when problems do occur. This also can be associated to a dollar value.
  2. The second value is perhaps more important than dollars – it is emotional value.  Emotional value is where the sales rubber truly hits the road.  For example a person may buy home or auto insurance because their state or their local bank requires them to.  Using this approach they may buy from you because you have the best price or can provide some extra service.  However, if you can help a client identify the emotional reasons why they would buy from you, you will have a lot better chance of making the sale.  The emotional value is best gained by asking the question “Why?

Too often we feel we know this reason – we assume the client is buying from us for the same reason we feel they should buy.  This is problematic because we are projecting our own values onto the client.  Their reason for buying is many times completely different than ours.  The best way to find out the client’s real reason (s) is by asking questions.

“Bob, looking at all the benefits we have talked about, what would you say is most important to you?”

To check a prime buying motive and its value we then need to use a very important follow up question that few salespeople have the guts to use:

“Why would you say that is important?”


“How is that valuable to you?”

Then you want to strip the onion by asking this question in one form or another again and again.

Here you build emotion and value.

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