A Vision For Michigan

by Jerry Scrivo, Vice President

The Michigan economy will revive to full vigor by 2015. This will occur because unemployed persons will become entrepreneurs, find jobs with companies that are growing and prospering or

leave Michigan for jobs elsewhere. This process will be driven by the start up of new smaller businesses which are centered in manufacturing and supported by many service providers.

They will leverage our strengths in natural resources, education, manufacturing technology, and available work force.

Our natural resources, water, land, minerals, wind, forest, climate and natural beauty provide opportunities for alternative energy, tourism, furniture and basic raw materials while our educational system, workforce and manufacturing expertise will fuel manufacturing and service


A new virtual business model of smaller business units, tightly focused on their core functions with non-core functions being largely out-sourced to non-payroll participants, will be developed as this recovery takes place. It will utilize various types of non-payroll participants such as independent contractors, part-time workers, temporary workers, and outside service providers. Non-traditional arrangements such as working from home, internet collaboration and other technology based virtual work arrangements will be the underpinning of this business model.

MasterMind Consulting Network Inc. will play a key role in this revival by encouraging and assisting start up businesses and by working with owners to develop and adopt the new virtual business model for their enterprises.

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